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What is Sivie?

“Siv" was a made up family term that began with my Uncle Bobby and my Mom. He parted from this world in 1986,

I was 7 yrs old so I don't recall too many memories, save one that is still very vivid to me. I know he

loved unconditionally, was so proud of us, and had a truly kind and gentle soul. 

He was handsome, stoic, with a beautiful soul. I wish I had been older to remember more of the times we spent

together. I know he and mother were close, I hear the affection in her voice when she speaks of him, even after all these years. 

In our family "Siv" to describe feelings not easily put into words.  It meant there was a need for a little more patience, understanding.  Siv became Sivie to me, but we still use it to this day.

Turns out Sif/Siv in Norse mythology was Thor's wife. She had long golden hair and represented the earth, bountiful harvests, and fertility.

Life can be brutal, especially if you feel alone or out of place. It's hard to share feelings and experiences, especially relating to sensitive matters. I know the blurriness of a screen or piece of paper while trying to continue through tears. I know what it feels like to be alone and I don't want that for anyone. If you find joy or comfort from my stories or photos, then it is worth it.

So Hey There!

I'm Rachel, but call me Sivie. I don't have it all figured out and am usually shooting from the hip. I learn something new every day and mindless chatter does not interest me. I wish I was a mermaid and my feet were fins to swim far, far away.

Kick off your shoes and join me for a glimpse of things, the way I see it. We can chase the sunset into the moonlight, and maybe, help each other out along the way.

I'm glad you're here!

                                                ~ Sivie

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