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Welcome! There seems to be a heaviness all around us these days. I think everyone feels it, even if they don't want to admit it. Pause the noise in your world and take a walk with me. Read some of my stories, and see through my lens. There are raw human emotions that connect us all. No matter who, where, what is going on, or gone on, we only have today. We are all here together and just trying to make it. Recognizing these emotions, within us all, can bridge our differences. It is vital we work together, strive to be empathic, fight for what is true and just, seek to be understood, and lead by example. Take your time, take care, don't take more than you give. Be brave my friends! I love you! ~Sivie

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What we do to others, we do to ourselves. 

There is a common thread that connects us all, like it or not.

Mean what you say, say what you mean.

Stand by what you put out there or don't do it at all.

Be kind (to yourself also), and just be cool ya'll. 


We can each look at the same thing, but see something completely differently.

There are so many filters that influence our perspectives. 

It takes effort to keep your vibe on the level, but it can make a difference in what you see and how you are seen.

You matter just as much as the sun or the moon. Ride the ups and downs and keep shining and rising. I see you! 

The process of writing allows you to organize your thoughts and convey them in more thoughtful and empowering ways. It changes the way that you think things through. 

With this ability, comes power. It is advantageous to be able to express thoughts, feelings, opinions, and ourselves. 

Most people do not do this because it is hard. It takes time. It requires focus.

And that is was separates us from everyone else.

If you think  you can't do it, I will help you. I want to facilitate a safe place to grow and learn. I appreciate feedback as well. I make mistakes daily, but learn something new everyday.

Ancoro Imparo & Don't Panic


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Through the Lens

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