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Sivie - Everyone Welcome

Sivie welcomes you, because sometimes you just need a place to be.

Allow me to introduce myself, I am Rachel, but you can call me Sivie, I didn't set out to be a "writer", but it has always been important to me. There is something inside me that tells me to write as raw and real as I feel, even if it is hard sometimes. I know how it feels when the walls are closing in, what alone means, the areas that anxiety can creep in, the relentlessness of chronic physical pain, and the darkness of depression. It feels like your own personal hell. A prison that, and takes an active effort to manage or else it manages you.

I began sharing, publicly, only a few years ago with the encouragement and support of friends. As my confidence grew, so did my projects. I'm sure it sounds silly, but the voice of self-doubt can drown out all others at times. My path has led me to learn how to build a website (still learning), more writing (A LOT), leading to more research, taking more photos, and editing. Oh so much editing of words and images.

Some days are easier than others, and I'm still here. I know there is still much more for me to learn. I hope my work reflects the effort and energy that I put into improving and continuing to learn.

I am honored to have you join me as I continue on this path. I couldn't do it without you!

Writes and Sights

Sivie sellfie of me with setting sun in the distance behind me, the sky reflecting on the body of water between foreground and horizon
Sivie - Welcome

My writing includes most anything, interests, experiences, observations, and reflections. The things that make me, me. The good, the bad, and the in between. Situations may be different, but most everyone can related to a particular feeling.

We are all in this together and nobody has it all figured out. We are all learning as we go, and hopefully growing as we learn.

I welcome feedback, suggestions, and comments, if so inclined. I will respond to every one that I receive, as quickly as possible.

I want to create things that make your day better.

Know that you are important. I care about you and your world. No matter what's going on or how you feel, you make someone's life better. Someone you don't even know is looking up to you, and that ain't nuthin'.

I'm glad you are here, reading this, choosing to spend your time with me.

You are appreciated.

Love, positive vibes, and peace to you and yours.

~ Sivie


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